A very AVERAGE font...

Thank you Dan Sayers.

The font used on my site is Averia Libre

I wanted something informal and contemporary but also evoking some tradition. This I think hits the spot as it carries a look of ink bleed you'd get on moveable type and at the same time a kind of neon-light bleed effect. The result is something retro-futuro and both fantastic as display but very easy on the eye for short body text as well.

Why does it work so well? The gist of it is a kind of generative typography built by layering and averaging the footprint of over 700 different fonts. If you visit http://iotic.com/averia/ you can get the full lowdown. 

It has a look of imperfection and therefore uniqueness, but is precisely the opposite; a collective, egalitarian, all-encompassing uniformity. Probably because of its bleeding edges and apparent informality, it is not suitable for every occassion, but in a way it's the ultimate font, by literally being an average of so many. Bastard child or hybrid? I love it.

Tags: design, typography