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A very AVERAGE font...

Thank you Dan Sayers.

The font used on my site is Averia Libre

I wanted something informal and contemporary but also evoking some tradition. This I think hits the spot as it carries a look of ink bleed you'd get on moveable type and at the same time a kind of neon-light bleed effect. The result is something retro-futuro and both fantastic as display but very easy on the eye for short body text as well.

Why does it work so well? The gist of it is a kind of generative typography built by layering and averaging the footprint of over 700 different fonts. If you visit you can get the full lowdown. 

It has a look of imperfection and therefore uniqueness, but is precisely the opposite; a collective, egalitarian, all-encompassing uniformity. Probably because of its bleeding edges and apparent informality, it is not suitable for every occassion, but in a way it's the ultimate font, by literally being an average of so many. Bastard child or hybrid? I love it.

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Harris HiltonLickisto, Isle of Harris

So, have been meaning to get the ball rolling with 'regular' (cough, cough) uploads and general dialogue on what's being seen, heard and mused on... as it is, I've neglected to get up to date loading image galleries at all since the site overhall initially happened back in June... the time has come for a mini update.

A new gallery imminent with a nice collection of images from a wet week in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, September 2013. This is part of a lengthier stay over this past summer and there will be plenty other content forthcoming, but this in particular was a special place.... the above image representing a taste of the colour, schizophrenic weather and general remote curiosity of it all.